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Running with the ball and shooting to goal - AFC Ajax

Running with the ball and shooting to goal - AFC Ajax

  • 5 cones
  • 5 poles
  • balls
  • Playing area: 25x35 meters
  • Players: 12
  • Running time: 15 minutes
  • Series: 3 series of 4 minutes with a 4 minutes pause of passive recovery 
Summary Secondary Objectives
Useful technical circuit to train ball control and pass.
Striking the ball, Straight line dribbling, Dribbling with changes in direction, Circuito tecnico

Make an equilateral triangle of 25 meters, using cones. At the base of the triangle, place 3 poles forming another equilateral triangle of 5 meters. Perpendicular to the triangle place 2 cones and again perpendicular to the cones at a distance of 10 meters place 2 poles, leaving 1 meter between them (See picture). Players must go behind the starting cone with a ball.

  1. The player runs with the ball through the technical circuit 
  2. Once they has finished the circuit on running with the ball, the player has to go in between of the cones and with a pass tries to pass the ball within the poles (TARGET) 
  3. After the player finishes the exercise, they runs to the starting cone, and waits their turn


  1. Run with the ball using only " the bad leg"
  2. The player runs with the ball using the following methods:
  1. With the outer part of the foot
  2. With the inner part of the foot
  3. With the sole
  4. With the inside back
Coaching Points
  • Keep the ball close to the foot
  • The player, during the pass, has to "close their skill" that is, after shooting, their leg must follow track of the ball 
  • Try to execute safe impacts with the ball
  • Stay above the ball keeping the chest slightly inclined forward
  • The player has to keep their head up trying to decrease visual contact with the ball
  • Touch the ball with the outer part of the instep, using only the inner part for a change in the direction
  • Control what happens around, developing that way the peripheral vision

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