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Preparation for Muscle Strengthening With Natural Load Circuit Training

Preparation for Muscle Strengthening With Natural Load Circuit Training

  • 12 hoops
  • markers
  • 1 bench
  • 12 low hurdles
  • 6 cones
  • 5 stakes
  • Playing Area: 40x40 meters
  • Players: 18
  • Running time: 15 minutes
  • Series number: 4 times to 3 minutes interspersed with 1 minute for passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
This soccer-specific course allows to work on strength and coordination parameters
Aerobic capacity, Aerobic power, Strength, Quickness

With the available material create the course as in the next picture. Players begin by starting position on yellow right cone and then carry out the exercise in an anti-clockwise direction.

  • Players start standing up on the bench, they jump down using the training effect of pliometric response of bounce
  • Before facing the hoops, perform an inverted rims
  • Hoops should be addressed with monopodalic alternated backers to develop the speed of reaction after the ground contact
  • At the end of the circles there are the stakes to face with sides slipping. Poles can be placed oblique and crossed to accentuate the lateral displacements
  • Carrying on there are mini hurdles and high mini hurdles, low hurdles must be jumped up at maximum speed while the high ones must be overcome groveling
  • The following low hurdles need to be addressed in high knee raises
  • After the high knee raises pass the cones with changes of direction
  • Finally, face the mini hurdles with elongated steps and then hit with the head the ball launched by the coach trying to steer it towards the goal



Phase of exercise

  1. Any variation in the distances and positioning of materials can be considered a variant
  2. Remove low hurdles placed in the middle of the high mini hurdles to overcome groveling
  3. Insert a goalkeeper who tries to fend off the final head shot
Coaching Points
  • In small players mistakes will be major, try to urge them and shoot them down
  • Monitor the execution time of the series providing adequate recovery time
  • This exercise can be a great warm up for the whole team
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