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1 vs 1 with cognitive and shooting basics

1 vs 1 with cognitive and shooting basics

  • 1 cone
  • 3 markers (1 yellow, 1 blue and 1 red)
  • 1 goal
  • 2 small goals (or 4 cones)
  • sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Playing area: 25x25 meters
  • Players: 10 + goalkeeper
  • Duration: 14 minutes
  • Series: 1 series of 12 minutes with 2 minutes of passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Psychophysical exercise to train mental effort and speed. Players are ingaged in a 1 vs 1 after following coach directions
Quickness, Cognitive, Running with a change in direction, Front dribbling, Finishing, Goal defense, Tackling

Place the 3 markers (yellow, blue and red in the figure) forming an equilateral triangle (5 meters side). Place the goal about 20 meters and perpendicular to the triangle. Place 2 small (1,5 meters sized) goals diagonally about 8 meters distant on the side of the goal. Place the starting cone 5 meters distant from the triangle (as shown in the figure). Define the objectives (goal and small goals) with "A", "B" and "C". Split the players into 2 equal groups. One group starts near the starting cone while the other group behind the goal.

  • The exercise starts with the coach specifying a color sequence and a letter. The color sequence suggests to the first player in line wich order to touch the markers in front of him, and the lecter wich goal to attack
  • Just finished coach directions the two players start from the lines
  • The player getting out from the markers triangle receives the ball from the coach to perform the 1 vs 1 with the fixed aim
  • After the action, the two players swap their roles


  • The coach gives the "YELLOW, BLUE, RED and A" combination
  • The player runs toward the markers in sequence
  • Once received the ball from the coach, the player attacks the small goal ''A'' facing 1 vs 1 the opponent coming from behind the goal
  • After the action, the two players swap their roles


  1. Perform the markers sequence carrying the ball, the coach doesn't give the ball, but player already starts from the cone with the ball.
Coaching Points
  • Exercise to stimulate players in mental effort and focus on the objective
  • Exercise useful physically if performed at high rythm and without break
  • Training to perform several times during the season
  • Strikers:
    • During 1 vs 1 receive the ball oriented toward the goal
    • Maintain an attacking attitude: carrying quickly, passing or shooting
    • Identify the opponents weak side
    • Keep the ball under control close to the knee
    • Perform countermoves to confuse the defenders, without losing time
  • Defenders:
    • Stey between the opponents, the ball and the centre of the goal marking closer as the action becomes dangerous
    • Force the opponent to move towards the external sides of the field
    • Identify the opponents weak foot trying to influence movements and behaviour
    • Delay the ball carrier action facilitating the defenders
    • Choose the right timings for tackle to gain the ball

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