Evolution Program:
the development of the territory goes digital

The FIGC Youth and School Sector chooses YouCoach to digitize the regional training project.

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  • The FIGC Youth School Sector chooses YouCoach srl
  • With the “Evolution Program”, the Youth School Sector intends to respond promptly to the needs of the territorial development project
  • Innovation is the key element of YouCoach, the technology partner of "Evolution Program"
  • “Evolution Program" is developed with a wide variety of activities and initiatives aim to reach the most peripheral hubs and all coaches
  • The engine of this historic synergy is ethics; the end goal is to ensure a teaching experience for all coaches in the area


The FIGC Youth School Sector chooses YouCoach srl pto digitize the ambitious "Evolution Program", the new technical project of Territorial Development that seeks to create a capillary organizational network. This partnership confirms the Italian Football Federation leadership in the innovation space, being among the first in Europe to equip itself with a state-of-the-art information system that, thanks to digital evolution, allows usability, customization and real-time monitoring of the technical project anywhere and from any device.

The collaboration between YouCoach and the Youth and School Sector, officially kicked off with the launch of the first Federal Territorial Centers, is designed to gradually contribute to the evolution of the coach profession, who in the near future will be called upon to be updated, informed and prepared at 360 degrees. The goal remains one: to educate and develop youths who practice this sport and who have new needs in an ever changing context.

With the “Evolution Program” the Youth and School Sector intends to promptly respond to the needs of the territorial development project. Such collaboration is the ideal tool to create an online network between the national technical team and all the third parties operating in the area.
The need to achieve quick communication between all the concerned parties, to customize the technical project as it relates to the individual peculiarities and the need to constantly monitor the progress made, led to steer to another direction through digitization.

PStarting from the experience of the Territorial Federal Centers and from the deep understanding in developing the Grassroots activity, the Youth and School Sector has developed a broad and comprehensive proposal able to bring together synergies with the local sports clubs, supporting them in developmental strategy through a univocal and coordinated training and educational approach, a shared programming and methodology that could best promote a sports culture aimed at educating the new generations.
The new “Evolution Program” is divided into a series of initiatives aimed at all basic categories through the activities carried out within the Areas of Territorial Development, the Federal Territorial Centers and with the support of the new tutors. The Areas of Territorial Development and 50 Federal Territorial Centers that are gradually resuming their activities in full safety and in compliance with the health and safety protocols in place, includes thousands of players throughout the country, as well as through work with clubs, technical and coaching teams, and managers.
The educational component of the proposal is particularly relevant, and involves the organization of meetings, workshops and webinars covering various technical and educational topics.

nnovation is also the main feature of YouCoach, the technological partner of "Evolution Program" which has made available a series of services aimed at improving organizational processes and work methods.
The key tool utilized here is YouCoachApp, which allows o design, share and digitally access a series of trainings drills. The national technical team can create personalized drills thanks to a predefined grid and a cutting-edge graphic editor, generating clear but at the same time captivating content, hence giving life to the reference digital database. The training configurator is then the tool that allows for a quick consultation of the database, searching through exercises thanks to specific filters, and finally assembling them and bringing the training to life.
The Youth and School Sector national technical team and the technical representatives located in the area will be able to customize the activities according to the needs of each area, promptly responding to the specific needs of the clubs and athletes involved.

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"Evolution Program" is developed with a wide array of activities and initiatives that aim to reach the most decentralized hubs as well as individual coaches. Football schools throughout the national territory connected to the Territorial Development Areas will have direct access to YouCoachApp to interact through a direct channel with the technical representatives of the territory.
The section that includes the Evolution Program technical proposals was instead designed to allow all coaches to easily consult the database of drills, with the possibility of consulting them thanks to a series of specific filters.
Sharing and usability are also key growth objectives; for this reason, the Youth and School Sector and YouCoach have also created a specific section to consult all the manuals of the technical project and the historical archive of trainings, as well as create a section dedicated to all communications to update the events schedule in real time.

Ensuring a developmental experience for all coaches in the area will allow to create a strong national identity in which one can relate. The coach is at the very center of the project being instrumental to the development of youth players.
Thanks to the digital tools developed through this partnership, the Youth and School Sector and YouCoach create an ecosystem around the coach to follow, nurture and above all to allow him to improve. Technology at the service of methodology; Youcoach at the service of a technical project that is among the most comprehensive and ambitious in Europe.

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The engine of this historic partnership is ethics which, in addition to being the first of the methodological pillars of the technical project, exemplifies the strong and genuine desire to create something different, to improve the past, going above and beyond everything that has been achieved up until now. Innovation, growth and education are necessary milestones that will bring about continuous improvements over time; the first step to the road towards new opportunities.