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Thematic match to train intensity and pressing

Thematic match to train intensity and pressing

  • Markers
  • 2 regolatory goals
  • 10 vests (red in illustration)
  • Balls
  • Playing area: 30 x 40 yards
  • Players: 22 (20 + 2 goalkeepers)
  • Duration: 24 minutes
  • Number of series: 6, 3 minutes each (2 minutes of passive recovery after 2 series in a row)
Summary Secondary Objectives
5 versus 5 with flank players to train intensity, execution speed, finalization and pressing
Soccer conditioning, First touch, Losing your marker, Pass, Finishing, Positioning, Marking, Tackling, Mobility, Pressing

Arrange, with markers, a playing area 30 yards width x 40 yards depth. Put 2 regolatory goals in the centre of both short sides of the pitch. Divide the players into 2 teams, each made of 10 players, one team with vests on (red team vs white team in illustration). Inside the playing area a 5 vs 5 is played. the other players must be placed, in alternation, outside the long sides of the pitch, with 2 mates who will sand close to opponents' goal 8as illustrated). Goalkeepers defend their goals. Keep a good number of balls on the side of both goals

  • 5 vs 5 with finalization towards opponents' goal, with outside flank players
  • After 5 minutes players inside the pitch will quickly switch position with external players, immediately ready to start the game again
  • Players not in ball possession must develop a continuous pressing to regain the ball
  • After 2 consecutive series, give 2 minutes of passive recovery to all players


  • Inside the playing area 1-to-3 ball touches are allowed.
  • Flank players only can touch the ball once
  • After a goal is scored, the game starts again with a new play - ball in possession of goalkeeper of the team which just scored
  1. Insert an 'all-around' player inside the pitch who will play for the team in ball possession (internal numerical superiority)
  2. Place the flank players not only outside the long sides of the pitch but also aside the goals (this will encourage vertical plays, not only lateral ones)
  3. You can set different durations of the series, depending on which conditional targets you want to train.
Coaching Points
  • Encourage a continuous pressing when not in ball possession
  • Useful drill to train players to get away from their markers and to place themselves correctly, to receive the ball in constant mobility
  • Encourage players in ball possession to seek for help by their (flank) mates, to develop numerical superiority
  • Improve ball possession with high intensity, not to give time to opponents to close passing-lines
  • During thsi drill team communication is very important, both in ball possession or seeking to regain it
  • Take care of technical and tactical individual aspects in 1 vs 1duels: dribbling, feinting, getting away from markers, tackling, duel distance, running towards ball holder, pressure, marking, etc

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