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Technical motor circuit: Double shooting!

Technical motor circuit: Double shooting!

  • 1 cone
  • 2 markers
  • 2 poles
  • 1 regulatory goal
  • Sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Playing area: 45x40 (half of a pitch)
  • Players: 10 + 1 goalkeeper
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 4 series of 4 turns for each player
Summary Secondary Objectives
Technical motor circuit to develop aerobic power training several players technical aspects: Ball carrying in speed, long pass, pass, give and go, crossing and shooting
Oriented control, Dribbling at speed, Header, Short pass, Long pass, Cross, Finishing, Shooting from long distance ground level, Volley shooting nearly, Triangle

Play inside a regulatory half field. Place a starting cone sideways to the penalty area and close to the corner flag. Place a pole 40 meters distant, parallel to the cone. Place a marker sideways to the pole and close to the centre. Place a pole in front of the goal about 30 meters distant. Place a second marker diagonally to the pole about 25 meters away from the goal. Players go to the starting point with a ball. B and C go to their respective marker (See picture). Give a good amount of balls to player D and arrange him to the touchline opposite to the starting point. Place 2 players behind the goal with sufficient balls to ensure continuity.

  1. Player A starts carrying the ball towards the pole that is in front of him
  2. Player A surrounds the pole and performs a long pass to B
  3. Player A sprints towards A1; while B, after controlling the ball, passes back to A
  4. Player A performs an oriented control toward the pole (That simulates a rival) then passes the ball to C
  5. C gives back the ball in order to conclude the give and go A, who has moved to A2
  6. A receives the ball and shoots at goal from outside the area
  7. A sprints towards the box on A3 to receive the cross from D
  8. A shoots at goal
  9. After the second shot, one of the players behind the goal gives a ball to A, who carries it and goes back to the starting point in order to start the circuit all over again



  • Players start the exercise whenever the preceding player is done with the first point (Ball driving in speed)
  • At the end of each series swap positions (The 5 players from the group swap positions with the 5 fixed players)

  1. Start the exercise from the opposite side
Coaching Points
  • It is very important to keep a high intensity and pace during the whole exercise
  • Keep the ball close to the foot
  • Stay on top of the ball maintaining the bust slightly bent forwards 
  • The player must keep their head up
  • The foot must impact the center of the ball with the instep when shooting at goal
  • The player must keep an eye on the ball when shooting
  • Having their arms open allows the player to have more stability when shooting
  • Pay attention to the distance and the direction of the support foot during the pass
  • The player, during the pass, must end the skill accompanying the trajectory with the movement of the leg
  • The ankle must remain rigid when hitting the ball, choosing the right point of impact over the ball

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