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Tactical maintenance: Play inside - rotate outside - Real Madrid FC

Tactical maintenance: Play inside - rotate outside - Real Madrid FC

  • Sufficient markers to outline the field
  • 1 ball to play and 5/6  balls as backup
  • 10 vests (5 of one color and 5 of another)
  • Playing area: 30x30 meters
  • Players: 15
  • Duration: 24 minutes
  • Series: 3 sets of 6 minutes with  2 minutes pause of passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Simplified game to train ball possession in power play situation
Pass, Losing your marker, Marking, Intercepting, Creating width and depth, Mobility, Consolidation, Possession triangles, Once the ball is lost - Attack the ball, Pressure, Transitions

Create a 30x30 meters playing area using the markers. Divide players into 3 teams of 5 players each. 2 teams and 1 player from the third team inside the field with 4 remaining players standing outside the field one per side.

  • 11 players start the exercise in the center of the square, 5v5 with a neutral player (Blue one in the picture) and 4 more neutral players outside.
  • One of the teams starts with the ball to maintain possession playing with the neutral player
  • After the execution of each pass by an external player, all outside players rotate, swapping positions
  • Right when outer players rotate, inner players temporarily lose the outer support and must try to keep possession. 
  • If the defending team recovers the ball they must try to take it out of the square with the others (excluding the neutrals) try to prevent it, not only by pressing the ball carrier but also by closing the possible passing lines. Each time the defending team send the ball outside the field they earn a point. Each team has a 6 minute period as the defending team.
  • Players should quickly look to get into positions offering good support.
  • In each series rotate the team of neutral players


Coaching Points
  • The creation of possession triangles are useful to avoid opponents, leaving them in the center of the triangle
  • Focus on the reaction to negative transition, once they have lost the ball the closest player presses the opponent while the rest of the teammates reduce spaces
  • Focus on the global distances between players
  • Focus on body orientation while receiving, it must be always oriented towards the wider part of the field
  • Encourage the touch and go: After playing a ball, the player keeps running to a free space where receive the ball again
  • The player who is closer to the ball carrier must choose if encounter or move to depth
  • Encourage players to perform the countermove to receive and lose the marker
  • To accomplish a continuous mobility and keep the proper positioning of players, two players that are on the same line, either vertical or horizontal, must move in order to create diagonal lines
  • Encourage defensive players to read the passing lines of the opponents to recover the ball as fast as possible

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