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Strength circuit - Barcelona FC

Strength circuit - Barcelona FC

  • 2 cones
  • 3 markers
  • 5 poles
  • 4 lsmall hurdles
  • Sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • 1 goal
  • Playing area: 45x50 meters
  • Players: 16 + 1 goalkeeper
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Series: 8 repetitions for each player
Summary Secondary Objectives
Directly from Barcelona FC, this exercise proposes a strength circuit with final shooting at goal.
Coordination skills, Aerobic power, Dribbling, Pass, Finishing, Shooting from long distance ground level

Place the starting cone close to the corner flag. place 2 small hurdles parallel to the starting cone and about 8 meters distant. Place another small hurdle 20 meters away from the starting cone and parallel to it. Create a small 1.5 meters triangle using 3 markers (1-2-3) 25 meters distant from the starting cone. Place a cone close to the halfway line about 10 meters away from it; create a zigzag path using 5 poles 2 meters spaced. Place a small hurdle 5 meters away from the last stick. Split the team into two groups equally sized. Group A goes to the starting cone. Group B goes close to the box vertex (as shown in the picture) and each player must have a ball.

  1. First player from group A sprints toward the 2 small hurdles in front of him and overcomes them skipping moving to A1
  2. First player from group B passes the ball to player A
  3. Player A passes back the ball to player B
  4. Player A overcomes the obstacle quickly and afterwards faces the sequence of markers with direction changes in the following order 1-2-3
  5. B carries the ball to B1, while A surrounds the cone in front of him and moves to A2 
  6. B passes the ball to A
  7. A passes back the ball to B
  8. A faces the zigzag path 
  9. A after finishing the path with poles, sprints toward the obstacle in front of him and overcomes it quickly moving to A3, while player B moves to B2 dribbling
  10. B passes the ball to A
  11. A passes back the ball to B
  12. Player B executes the last pass toward A who goes to A4
  13. Player A shots at goal from outside the area



  • After the action players A and B swap their positions
  • Every 15 seconds a player goes out

  1. Shooting at goal on first intention
Coaching Points
  • The development of strength is very important and racing helps us prevent acid lactic from accumulating inside muscles, facilitating physical recovery and reducing stress
  • Do the whole circuit at a high rhythm
  • Choose the right moment to ask the player to go out
  • Focus on coordination while the player faces different parts of the circuit
  • During the shot at goall, player have to pay attention to the supporting foot, close and next to the ball
  • The foot that shots hast to hit the center of the ball with the instep 
  • The player must keep their eyes on the ball
  • Open arms allow the player to have more stability

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