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Speed and cognitive activation – 8 cones

Speed and cognitive activation – 8 cones

  • 8 cones (4 orange, 4 yellow)
  • 2 markers
  • Playing area : 15x10
  • Players: 18
  • Duration:15
  • Series:3 series of 4 minutes with 1 minute of passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
How to train sprinting at speed with cognitive activation
Vestibular information, Dribbling at speed
Create a playing area and place a starting marker. At a distance of 5 m place the cones in 2 lines of 4 cones each, one line per colour, 8 m apart from each other. At a distance of 5 m from the lines place the arrival marker. The players line up at the starting marker.
  • The players sprint and run around the cones in the sequence indicated by the coach
  • At the end of the sequence the players sprint to the arrival marker and jog back to the starting point.


  • The coach indicates the sequence to be followed: ORANGE-YELLOW-YELLOW-ORANGE (as in the figure)
  • The player sprints and turns around the cones as indicated
  • The player ends the exercise arriving at the finishing marker


  1. Alternate colours and coordinates (RIGHT-LEFT)
  2. Enlarge the size of the playing area
  3. Ask for different speeds between the cones
  4. Introduce the ball so the player mst dribble at speed
  5. Coach can call out also the direction the player must go around the cone clockwise or anti-clockwise
Coaching Points
  • The exercise must be performed at maximum speed
  • Remind the players to use short steps when turning around the cones

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