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Specific integrated strength

Specific integrated strength

  • 5 markers
  • 4 cones
  • 1 step
  • 1 plank
  • 4 elastic bands
  • Balls
  • Playing area: 25x25 meters
  • Players : 8
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 20 seconds on each station with 1 minute and 20 seconds of passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Technical circuit for equilibrium, strength and stability
Balance, Coordination skills, General coordination capacities, Special coordination capacities, Proprioceptive informations, Sensory processing, Balance, Stamina, Inside of the foot, Header

Create 4 stations inn the space that is going to be used for the exercise. Make 4 pairs and place each of them to one of the stations

  • Station 1: Tie an elastic band to the body of one player, in front of him place 1 step, another player goes at 2 meters from the first one with a ball in his hands next to a cone
  • Station 2: A player starts with the left leg in equilibrium on top of a plank, tie an elastic band to his right ankle. 1 meter away from him a teammate stay with a ball in his hands next to a cone
  • Station 3: Tie an elastic band to the body of one player, in front of him place 4 markers in line 50 cm spaced. 2 meters from the last marker place a teammate with a ball on his feet and next to a cone
  • Station 4: Tie an elastic band to the right ankle of a player that starts next to a marker. 1 meter distant from him place a teammate with a ball in his hands and next to a cone
  • Station 1: The tied player takes a header jumping over the step
  • Station 2: The player gives back the ball to teammate using the internal part of the right foot, while the left leg remains in equilibrium on top of the plank
  • Station 3: The tied player goes through the small course of 4 markers and once he finishes it, he gives the ball back (First with the inner right and then with the inner left) to his teammate
  • Station 4: The player gives the ball back to the teammate with the internal part of the left foot while the right leg is supported on the ground

All players repeat the station twice. All players when they move from one station to the other must turn around clockwise


  1. Change the game space, the development time and the possible sequence of exercises based on the players
Coaching Points
  • Control the proper execution of the exercises, from the technical execution point of view, above all tiredness and the positioning of the players
  • Encourage players to focus on the proper execution of the exercise

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