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Small-Sided Game - Training physical condition and ball possession

Small-Sided Game - Training physical condition and ball possession

  • 16 markers
  • sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • 9 vests (7 red 2 green)
  • Playing area: 40x40 meters
  • Players: 16
  • Duration: 12 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 5 minutes interspersed with 1 minute of active recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Thematic game to train ball possession and improvement of physical condition
Aerobic power, Pass, Transitions

Inside a 40x40 meters field form a small 3x3 meters square on each corner using the markers (as shown in the figure). Divide players into two teams of 7 players arranged inside the square. Place 2 neutral players (green vests) playing with the team who has ball possession during the theme game.

  • Teams try to maintain possession with the aid of neutral players
  • The aim of the team with ball possession is to score one point passing the ball inside a small square to ateammate who has run showing for the pass
  • Players defending have to catch the ball intercepting the passing lines without tackle increasing the aerobic workload


  • The point is valid if the player who moved to the small square showing for the pass, doesn't stay put more than 3 seconds inside the small square before receiving the ball
  • The defending team tries to intercept the ball performing a transition to attack and score one point
Coaching Points
  • Keep on moving without the ball
  • Change the playing side of the field if possible
  • Play the game into free spaces
  • Comunication between teammates
  • Reduce the number of ball touches allowed
  • Make the game competitive
  • Maintain a high intensity

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