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Small-Sided Game with 4 goals - Arsenal FC

Small-Sided Game with 4 goals - Arsenal FC

  • Sufficient markers to outline the field
  • 10 vests (5 red, 5 white)
  • 4 small goals
  • Sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Playing area: 40x35 meters
  • Players: 10 + 2 goalkeepers
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 8 minutes with 2 minutes of passive recovery 
Summary Secondary Objectives
Exercise with more aims for the teams playing
Losing your marker, Finishing, Marking, Goal defense

Form a 40x35 meters playing area using the markers. Place 2 goals on the short sides of the field about 10 meters spaced. Arrange 2 teams of 5 players (5 whites, 5 reds) with 2 goalkeepers defending the goals.

  • Play a classical match with the aim of score inside one of the 2 opponents goal
  • The goalkeepers (A and B) have to defend 2 goals trying to protect the goal at risk


  • 3 ball touches allowed for all players
  • The most goals scored wins
  1. The team that score with each player first, wins
  2. The goal is valid only shooting on first intention
  3. Unlimited ball touches allowed
  4. Change player as goalkeeper every two minutes
Coaching Points
  • Encourage players to circulate the ball maintaining possession
  • Play with high rythm

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