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Small-sided Game - 3 vs 3 for Transitions

Small-sided Game - 3 vs 3 for Transitions

  • 4 cones
  • 4 markers
  • 6 vests (3 of one color and 3 of another)
  • 1 goal
  • balls
  • Playing Area: 40x30 meters
  • Players: 9 + 1 goalkeepers
  • Running time: 24 minutes
  • Series number: 3 series of 5 minutes with 3 minutes for active recovery between the series
Summary Secondary Objectives
Small-sided Game to improve ball control and transitions in soccer from defense to attack phase
Finishing, Mobility, 3 versus 3

In the area arranged to the exercise have a field to 40x30 meters. Place a regulatory goal in the middle of one of the short sides. In the middle of the playing area create a 3 meters zone. In this way there are three zones, the central one is the neutral (white in the figure). Players are divided into 3 teams of 3 members each, the goalkeeper is at the goal while three players are placed in the penalty area. The other 6 players divided into two teams are placed in the area away from the goal. The game begins with one team in the area away from the goal in possession of the ball.

  • The targets of the teams are the goals in the goal and the destination in the area opposite the goal. 
  • The team with the ball has to score in the goal. 
  • The team in the area has to defend the goal and try to steal the ball, if it succeeds, it can attack the third team looking for the goal while the team that lost the ball stops to defend the goal.
  • The team on the goal line should try not to be exceeded and steal the ball, if it steals the ball, it must try to attack the goal defended by the team that had started the game


  • In the case of goals the defending team restarts the game looking for the goal
  • No player is allowed to stay in the neutral zone
  1. Limit the number of contacts (for example 3).
Coaching Points
  • It is recommended to work with 3 vs. 3 situations
  • This exercise requires high pace including the conditional ability as the specific resistance
  • Allow freedom in action for the players
  • Turn the team that starts the game after each series

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