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Side penetration - FC Bayern Munich

Side penetration - FC Bayern Munich

  • 5 cones (3 red, 2 yellow)
  • Sufficient balls for continuity
  • Playing area: 60x50 meters
  • Players: 12 + Goalkeeper
  • Running time: 14 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 5 minutes with a 4 minutes pause of active recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Useful exercises to learn the right movements for penetration from touch line
Pass, Cross, Finishing, Finish from close range, Volley shooting nearly, Triangle

Place 3 red cones as shown in the picture, going from the halfway line to the penalty area. Place 2 yellow cones at 1 meter from the touch line and up to the level of the penalty area, creating a 1 meter goal. Divide the team into groups of 3 players.


Every team, taking turns, takes its place next to the red cones and the player who is next to the cone in the middle of the pitch keeps the balls

  1. To the coach's signal, player A will start a conduction, for at least 10 meters, executing then pass 1 
  2. B will give back the ball at first touch, to the race of A
  3. A, at first touch passes the ball to C
  4. C supports B and meanwhile B does a "half moon" movement, surrounding the cone and going to receive C's pass
  5. After B receives C's support, they will have to look for A, with high pass, the movement at the back of the mentioned player, that will execute the movement going through the yellow cones 
  6. After receiving the pass, A will control the ball and will hang it toward the middle of the pitch; B and C meanwhile have to run toward the center of the pitch to receive the ball and end at goal

First series is done, positions are switched

At the end of every series, sides should be changed


Phase 1


Phase 2

  1. Keep positions fixed during the exercise
Coaching Points
  • The exercise must be done during the whole season, so that players get used to the movements 
  • It is very important that wide midfielders understand that on the penetration, passing by the yellow cones doing a long movement, will enable them to receive more easily
  • Encourage competition during the exercise

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