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Rondo with rotations inside and out

Rondo with rotations inside and out

  • Markers
  • 3 vests (red in illustration)
  • Balls
  • Playing area 35 x 45 yards
  • Players: 9
  • Duration: 12 minutes
  • Number of series: 3 each of 3 minutes (+1 minute of passive recovery after each series)
Summary Secondary Objectives
Situation of numerical superiority in ball possession to facilitate passing-lines through 'I play out, i go inside' or 'I play inside, I go out'
Anticipation, Visual perception, First touch, Losing your marker, Pass, Receiving and shielding of the ball, Intercepting, Pass and move, Creating width and depth, Possession triangles

Create, with markers, a playing area of 35 yards (width) x 45 yards (length). Again, with markers, create two lateral lanes, 2,5 yards width each (up and down in our illustration). Divide the central zone into 2 sectors: lateral left and lateral right. Finally, in the middle of the playing area, arrange with 4 markers a central rectangle, 7 yards (width) x 9 yards (depth). 9 players on the pitch, a team of 6 (white in illustration) that must keep ball possession, and a team of 3 (red in illustration) that must press and regain the ball. A ball possession is played, 6 versus 3, with movement bonds and compulsory rotations during the drill.


Ball possession 6 vs 3, with the 6 players of the team playing to possess the ball placed as it follows: 2 inside the lateral lanes (one per lane), and 4 inside the central zone, 2 inside the left sector, 2 within the right one. the 3 red players putting pressure to gain the ball are allowed to move in the whole playing area. This drill wants to encourage the continuous creation of new passing-lines

Let's try to spread this message:

  • 'I play inside, I go out': if one of the mid-internal players passes the ball to a mate within the central rectangle (1), then he must quickly rotate position with his team mate placed  inside the closest lateral lane (2)


"I play inside, I go out"


  • "I play out, I go inside". When a mid-internal player passes the ball to one of the 4 external players placed inside the side-lanes, then he must get away from markers moving to the central rectangle (2). Therefore, one of his mates, placed in the same portion of the playing area, should give lateral support, moving lower to occupy the position previously occupied by his mate (2). 


 "I play out, I go inside"

  • The players in white always have to be placed 2 per sector (left and right side-lanes)
  • Free ball touches for the players in ball possession
  • When a series ends, switch the 3 players in red with 3 of the white team
  • Team in ball posssession gets one point when the ball is passed inside the central rectangle with the correct rotation
  • Team in ball possession gets one point also when 10 consecutive passes (without being intercepted by opponents) are done
  1. Limitate the number of ball touches
Coaching Points
  • Encourage players to move to get way from markers and to free as many passing-lines as possible for the ball-holder. This drill helps creating triangles. It has an important cognitive load, becouse the players must continuously choose how to get away from their markers connecting with the movements made by their team mates
  • Encourage mobility using the pitch width and the scaling for the team in ball possession
  • Encourage playing speed, high intensity and quality of ball transmission to avoid opponents' pressing
  • Work on the pressure-phase of the 3 defendents (red team): let it be well organized and intense

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