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Rondo 4 vs 1 - Striker getting away from his marker

Rondo 4 vs 1 - Striker getting away from his marker

  • 4 markers
  • 4 cones
  • 1 goal
  • Balls
  • 1 vest
  • Playing area 8 x 5 yards
  • Players: 5 + 1 goalkeeper
  • Duration Time 14 minutes
  • Numbers of series: 2 of 6 minutes each + 1 minute of passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Preparatory drill for the seek of depth through the cut of the striker
Oriented control, Losing your marker, Pass, Positioning, Intercepting, Depth

Arrange, with markers, a rectanglar area of 8 x 5 yards. Along its longer side place 2 small goals - use cones as poles - measuring 2 yards each (as illustrated).  Place one player outside each side (but the side where the two small goals are). There, the striker places himself in between the two small goals, just inside the rectangle. Within the ractangle itself, the defender starts his action. 20 yards outside the rectangle, right in front of the two small goals, place another goal, and a goalkeeper do defend it.

  • Let's play a Rondo with the 4 lateral players trying to keep ball possession, without being intercepted by the difender inside the rectangle
  • If the defender regains the ball, he will take the place of the player he has intercepted the ball to
  • Goal of this drill is to make a pass through one of the 2 little goals, for the cut-movement of the striker (as illustrated)
  • The pass seeking for depth can be done only by the 2 lateral players
  • The striker served in depth tries to shoot at goal
  • As the striker is served in depth, the defender can chase him outside the rectangle


  • Two ball- contacts are allowed
  • Only the 2 lateral players (the ones playing along the short sides) can try and serve the striker in depth
  • The striker collaborates with his 3 team mates to keep ball possession
  • The side where the 2 small goals are placed, works as an off-side lane
  1. The number of ball-contacts allowed can change during the session
  2. If no goalkeeper is available, a small goal 8without goalkeeper) can be placed 20 yards outside the rectangle
Coaching Points
  • Encourage the players to move the ball from one side to another, playing it with the playmaker, with no rush to make the pass through the 2 small goals
  • Pay attention to the intensity of passing the ball
  • The striker has to 'feel the right time' to make his cut-movement
  • The defender has to work hard to close the passing-lines towards the 2 small goals, trying to force the 2 lateral players to play their only option: passing the ball back to the central (low) playmaker

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