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Rapid movements and passes

Rapid movements and passes

  • sufficient markers to outline the field
  • sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Playing area: 10x20 meters
  • Players: 5
  • Duration: 8 minutes
  • Series: 4 series of 1 minute and 30 seconds with 30 seconds of passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Exercise to train technique in passing with rapid exchanges
Inside of the foot, First touch, Oriented control, Warm up

Place a starting marker on both of the short sided of the field. Split the team into 2 equal groups (A and B) and arrange them in lines at the starting markers. The first player of A group starts with aball. Arrange 3 players on the middle of the field (as shown in the figure).

  • The aim of the exercise is to move the ball as quickly as possible from group A to group B passing by the 3 players at the centre
  • The first player of group A passes the ball to one of the three players at the centre
  • The other two players at the centre have to move showing for the pass
  • All three players are forced to touch the ball before passing to the first player of group B
  • Players at the centre who didn't get the ball by player A, can perform the proper movement without ball to make the ball get to player B as fast as possible
  • Player B, once received the pass, waits for the three players at the centre moving back into positions, then starts again the exercise
  • After 4 series replace players at the centre


Exercise development:

  1. Player A passes the ball to C
  2. Player C performs an oriented control and passes to D who moved to D1
  3. Player D passes the ball on first intention to E who moved to E1
  4. Player E closes the exercise passing the ball to the first player of group B


  • The coach decides the movements of the three players
Coaching Points
  • Focus on the distance and direction of the supporting foot during the pass
  • Players after passing have to complete the gesture bay accompanying the ball trajectory with the legs movement
  • Keep the ankle firm while touching the ball focusing on the impact point of the foot
  • Reduce time between controll and pass
  • Pass with the proper intensity

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