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Practise crossing and shooting - Liverpool FC

Practise crossing and shooting - Liverpool FC

  • 14 vests (8 red 6 white)
  • 4 cones (form 2 small goals)
  • 1 yellow cone
  • sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • 1 goal
  • Playing area: 60x70 meters
  • Players: 14 + goalkeeper
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 7 minutes with 3 minutes of passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Exercise to practise crossing from the side line and related shooting
Losing your marker, Pass, Cross, Finishing, Goal defense, Creating width and depth

Split the players into 2 teams, the attacking team with the red vests (team G) and the defending team with the white vets (team D). The playing area includes the regulatory goal upto about two-thirds of the field. On the opposite baseline place 2 small goals 5 meters away from the sideline. Place a yellow cone at the centre of the playing area.

  • The game begins with the attacking team (G) starting from the central cone and passing back to the teammate G1 who drops back.
  • The aim of team G is to develop an attacking action extended to the sidelines and shooting after a cross.
  • The aim of team D is to intercept the ball to avoid the shot and score a goal into one of the 2 small goals.


  • Player G5 passes the ball to player G retreated (G1)
  • G1 together with the teammates (G2 - G3) performs a series of passes to get to the penetrative pass for the 2 wingers (G4 - G7)
  • Wichever winger receives the ball, for example G7, the related striker (G8 in this case) has to get close to the winger to propose a pass
  • The winger has to decide if pass to the striker or cross directly into the box
  • On teammate cross, players G8 - G6 - G4 have to get in the box to shoot


Example of exercise development

  • Players of team D play as active defenders
  • Players of team D, after regaining the ball have to score in one of the 2 small goals
  • 1 point for each goal of team G
  • 2 point for each goal of team D
  • After each goal scored, the game starts again from the central cone
Coaching Points
  • Cross is a focused pass and not a random pass
  • Encourage players to maintain a high rhythm during the exercise
  • Focus on shooting
  • The movement to get closer by the striker must not be constant otherwise it would be foreseeable
  • Focus on the body positioning during the reception of the pass before crossing

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