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Physical warm up - FC Inter

Physical warm up - FC Inter

  • 3 markers
  • 4 cones
  • Playing Area: 15 x 15 meters
  • Players: 10
  • Running time: 5 minutes
  • Series number: 1 series of 5 minutes
Summary Secondary Objectives
Useful warm up to activate the players both physically and mentally
Vestibular information, Solid and unit

Within the playing area (15 x 15 meters) place cones and markers as shown in the figure. The distance between the starting cone and the first markers should be 5 meters. The diagonal distance between the remaining markers and cones must be 7 meters. Divide the 10 players in 2 teams, and place them in pairs on the starting cone.

  • To the coach's signal, one of two players (e.g. white player as shown in the figure) will run toward the first small cone, chased by their mate
  • Once reached the first small cone, the white player, with a rapid change of direction will have to choose the small cone, placed diagonally, where to continue the race
  • The blue player must continue to follow the white player
  • By the next small cone, the white player will choose again the direction to take and will end their turn on one of the 2 cones placed diagonally, always chased by blue player
  • At every turn the roles between the 2 players are exchanged
  • The chasing mate must always keep very close to the player who leads


  1. Increase the distance between the markers, so to urge more fiscal aspects
Coaching Points
  • Useful warm up to activate both physically and mentally the players, besides they do not have only to run quickly but also to pay close attention to the mate's movements
  • The exercise must be carried out at high speed
  • The following mate must be always responsive to the decision taken by the mate

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