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Physical circuit - Speed with cross pass and shooting at goal - Barcelona FC

Physical circuit - Speed with cross pass and shooting at goal - Barcelona FC

  • Sufficient balls to ensurefor continuity
  • 2 cones
  • 3 poles
  • 9 small hurdles
  • 1 regulatory goal
  • Playing area: 45x50 meters
  • Players: 8 + 1 goalkeeper
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 8-10 shots for each player
Summary Secondary Objectives
Physical circuit from Barcelona FC, useful to train speed, passes in restricted spaces, crosses and shooting
Coordination skills, Dribbling at speed, Header, Pass, Cross, Finishing, Shooting, Volley shooting nearly, Triangle

Play inside a half field. Place 3 poles about 1 meter and a half spaced at the center of the field facing goal. Place 2 small hurdles 3 meters away from the last pole. Form a 5x5 meters square on the box verge, right in the middle. Place a marker close to the penalty spot. Place 2 small hurdles sideways to the center circle, close to the touchline at 40 meters from the limit of the box. Place a marker 5 meters distant from the small hurdles. Place 5 small hurdles horizontally sideways to the marker (See picture). Form a 10x10 meters square close to the corner flag. Divide players into 2 teams. Team A goes to the starting cone, give a ball to each of them. Group B goes to the cone near the touchline (See picture).

  1. First player from group A carries the ball and faces the poles, while the first player from group B sprints towards the 2 small hurdles
  2. B overtakes the marker and skips to overcome the circuit made of 5 small hurdles, then moves to B1
  3. A surpasses B and overcomes in speed the 2 small hurdles, then moves into the square in A1
  4. B passes back the ball to A and sprints to B2 
  5. A passes the ball to B who is inside the square, then overtakes the marker and moves to A2
  6. B crosses to A
  7. A shoots at goal
  • Once the series is completes, players swap positions


  1. Do the exercise starting from the opposite side
Coaching Points
  • Perform the whole circuit at a high rhythm
  • Pay attention to coordination while players do the exercise
  • Perform the cross pass as accurately as possible in order to facilitate teammates in shooting
  • Choose the right moment to make start the successive pair

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