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Oriented control towards the adequate side and 1 against 1

Oriented control towards the adequate side and 1 against 1

  • 4 markers (2 yellow and 2 blue in the picture)
  • 2 goals
  • 8 vests
  • Sufficient balls for continuity
  • Playing area: 50x50 meters
  • Players: 16 + 2 goalkeepers
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 4 attacking action for each player
Summary Secondary Objectives
Situational exercise 1 against 1 useful to train oriented control, dribbling and shooting at goal
Cognitive, Oriented control, Dribbling, Front dribbling, Pass, Finishing, Goal defense, Tackling, 2 versus 1

On the two low vertex of the penalty area place a goal. At about 35 meters from the goal line, in the middle, make a square of 4x4 meters using 4 markers, 2 blue and 2 yellow (See picture). Divide the team into two groups of 8 players with the vests. 4 red players go in line in front of the square, the other 4 red players go in line to the limit of the penalty area, turning their backs to the goal, each of them with a ball. The group of white players is divided into two equally sized teams, each of the groups goes next to a goalpost.

  1. Player A passes the ball to B, who is inside the square and calls out a color (In the example the player calls out color "yellow")
  2. B, after hearing the color, does an oriented control towards the side of the square corresponding to the color of the marker mentioned by the teammate and faces the goal dribbling
  3. C, sprints towards B to prevent him from shooting. A 1vs1 situation is set
  4. B overcomes the opponent C and shoots at goal (See picture)
  5. If C recovers the ball the action is done


  1. A, that initially passes the ball to B, can support the teammate during the action. A 2vs1 situation is set
Coaching Points
  • Technical goal:
    • Pass
    • Ball driving
    • Finishing
  • Tactical goal
    • 1 against 1
    • 2 against 1
  • Pay attention to the pass from A to B. The pass must be executed with the adequate strength, in order to orient the control at first touch
  • The one that attacks:
    • Attacking attitude: Drive in speed, simulate pass or shot
    • Find the Achilles' heel of your opponent
    • Keep ball under control, trying to maintain it always under the knees
    • Difficult the task of the defender by executing feints, but without slowing down too much the action
  • The one that defends:
    • Ask players to place themselves between the opponent, the ball and the center of the goal, reducing the marking distance as the area becomes more dangerous
    • Make your rival go to the outermost parts of the pitch
    • Find the weaker foot of your rival in order to condition their movements
    • Slow down the action in order to favor the position recovery of your teammates
    • Choose the right moment to recover the ball
  • The foot must be slightly relaxed, with the possibility of cushioning the impact of the ball, in order to improve oriented control
  • To execute the oriented control it is necessary to control the ball with the inside or the outside of the foot after choosing the direction in which it is the most appropriate to start the action

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