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Improving players shooting adopting the Futsal method

Improving players shooting adopting the Futsal method

The article explains how Futsal helps to improve football players shooting technique
Shooting is the most rapid and creative phase of football, where decision-making capacity has an essential role. Often players decision-making capacity is wrong and slow, with the exception of world class players.
We notice that in countries where futsal is played at high level also for children (Spain, Brasil, Portugal and Argentina) there's a better chance to grew up players talent.
Futsal, often wrongly considered as the "poor brother" of football, can be a great instrument to improve several players aspects such as finishing capability.
By the term finishing we mean:
  • Score goal capability
  • Assist
  • Shooting
How Futsal hepls?
  • To play in restricted space
  • For the goalkeeper space occupied in a smaller goal
  • For the large number of shots per minute
  1. In Education Phases
All these things stimulate making-decision, creative and flexibility during the Education Phases, creating inside players head a "processor" more rapid and efficient.
  1. In training with the élite
  • Training to read the goalkeepers weaker side
  • Improving the making-decision capacity and speed
  • Developing creativity
  • Developing game combination to 2/3 players to face closed defence
  • The far post concept (tipical of futsal) helping to find the best solution before shooting directly 
Higuain testimony (futsal player as a child) is shown below, a player with an umbelivable shooting capability just bought with lots of millions by Juventus:
Coming from a smaller goal, a restricted space with closer defenders and consequently less time to decide, I felt the most facilitated in football, with defenders more distant, a larger goal and more time to think...
… the results are known!
Ronaldo, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo scoring capability, (all players coming from futsal), are a further proof.

Proposed exercises

From 1 vs 1 to 4 vs 4


Exercise coming from futsal focused on rapid and erratic shooting, making-decision capability and peripheral vision



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