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Game possession: research of lines

Game possession: research of lines

  • 8 cones
  • 7 vests
  • sufficient balls for continuity
  • Playing Area: 25x36 meters
  • Players: 13 + goalkeepers
  • Running time: 21 minutes
  • Series number: 3 times to 5 minutes with 2minutes for passive recovery among the series
Summary Secondary Objectives
Ball possession to encourage research of lines to pass and recognition of diamond's construction
Losing your marker, Pass, Short pass, Intercepting, Tackling, Pass and move, Goalkeeper, Possession triangles, Patient build up, Support, Support, Threaded pass, defense splitting pass, Pressure

Into a 25x36meters area of the field, using the cones create three rectangular adjacent zones (25x12meters each) as in the figure. Place into the field 6 players in red vest vs. 6 players in white vest with one player as a joker. The two goalkeepers stay otside near the short sides of the rectangle.

  • Play with ball possession 6 vs. 6 with the goalkeepers in addition and the "joker" player 
  • The joker always plays with the team that has ball possession
  • The player with the ball must always have option of passes to perform ( on the right and left side, and penetrative pass in front of him)

Coaching Points
  • Encourage the players to create lines for pass 
  • Monitor the quality of technical skill of passing: research of intensity   
  • Encourage the players that have no ball possession to press constantly
  • Stimulate the responsiveness of players during the transition phase
  • Verify the goalkeepers aptitude of  proposing 

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