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Game involving three players - Cutting

Game involving three players - Cutting

  • 3 markers
  • 1 goal
  • sufficient balls for continuity
  • Playing area: 30x20 meters
  • Players: 9 + goalkeeper
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 6 minutes interspersed with 3 minutes of active recovery (ex. juggling in groups)
Summary Secondary Objectives
Exercise useful to practise the cutting movement towards the free space
Losing your marker, Pass, Finishing

Inside the fixed area (30x20 meters) place 3 markers to form an isosceles triangle with sides 10 meters long. Place the goal 15 meters  from the vertex. Players A, B and C stay near the 3 marker, the other players stay outside the field waiting for their turn. The goalkeeper stays on the goal line. Player A starts with the ball.

  1. Player A passes the ball to the teammate C
  2. Player C performs an oriented control then passes to B while player A starts a cutting movement behind player C
  3. Player B passes the ball to A (on the movement)
  4. Players B and C move towards the goal



  1. Player A makes the assist for one of the teammates (ex. player C)
  2. The teammate who receive the assist, attempts to finish on goal
Figure 2: Assist and shooting


  • Once they've finished the action, the players leave the playing area
  • The three players rotate their positions at every turn

  1. Enlarge the distances
  2. Arrange 2 starting stations working with 18 players, alternating cutting movements to the left and to the right
  3. Add a defender who has to mark player C or B, forcing A to search for the teammate who is free of the marker
Coaching Points
  • Encourage the players to call the cutting movement
  • Insertion and acceleration, timing of the cut runs, must be appropriate to the game development
  • Stimulate the player to finish on goal quickly and efficiently

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