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Flank play and shooting - PSV Eindhoven

Flank play and shooting - PSV Eindhoven

  • 1 regulatory goal
  • 3 cones
  • sufficient balls to outline the field
  • Playing area: half field (50x50 meters)
  • Players: 15 + goalkeeper
  • Duration: 14 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 5 minutes interspersed with 2 minutes of active recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Exercise from PSV trainings to train technique in passing, shooting and performing short-long movements
Pass, Support, Long pass, Finishing

Place a starting cone inside the half field circle (zone A). Place a cone 5 meters away from the box (zone B). Place the last cone between the 2 cones about 10 meters away from the box (zone C).

  • Arrange 3 players near the cones
  • On starting signal, the player in zone A passes to player in zone B (pass 1)
  • Player in zone B receives the ball and passes to player in zone C moving (pass 2)
  • Player in zone  C moves toward player in zone A (movement 1) then runs to the box (movement 2) receives the ball and shoot at goal (shooting 3)
  • Once the action is completed:
    • Player in zone A replaces player in zone B
    • Player in zone B replaces player in zone C
    • Player in zone C recovers the ball and moves to zone A
  • After the first series, play the same exercise on the opposite side


  1. Force player in zone B to perform a flank play on first intention
  2. Increase distance between zone B and A
Coaching Points
  • Focus on zone A and zone B, pass and flank play are essential to get to shooting
  • Avoid pauses or time wasting during the series
  • Focus on positioning the supporting foot near the ball
  • Hit the ball at the centre using the instep part
  • Keep eyes at the ball
  • Arms open to get stability

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