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Fast passes combination with completion - Manchester United

Fast passes combination with completion - Manchester United

  • 6 poles
  • 4 cones
  • 1 net
  • Sufficient balls for continuity
  • 1 marker
  • Playing area: 60x50 meters
  • Players: 7 + 1 goalkeeper
  • Running time: 15 minutes
  • Series: 3 series of 4 minutes with a 1 minute pause of passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Simplified game, useful to train exchanges in limited spaces and completion in the goal
Oriented control, Pass, Finishing, Mobility, 4-4-2, 3-5-2, Crossover, Countermovement (check away), Losing your marker

In half of the pitch with a net, place 6 poles outside of the area as shown in the picture (4 of them close to the limit and 2 more to the middle beyond them). Players must be standing like in the picture (Each of them next to a stick) except for A that goes about 1 meter ahead toward the center mark, standing next to the starting marker with a ball. Place 4 cones creating goals between the preceding and the outermost stick on both sides of the field (See picture).


To the coach's signal:

  1. A passes the ball to B who with a long-short move goes away from the stick
  2. B gives back the ball to A who has meanwhile gone to A1
  3. A passes the ball to C, while B goes to B1
  4. C passes the ball to B
  5. B does an oriented control and dribbles the ball to B2
  6. B does a pass through the net to the race of D who has gone to D1 doing the right move outside-inside
  7. D does an oriented control while the 2 forwards E and F cross on E1 and F1, trying not to be in an offside position with semi-circle movements
  8. D executes a pass toward the center of the area
  9. F shoots to goal


  • Player must receive the ball after a clever run, long-short, outside-inside, semi-circle move, after anticipatiping the stick, but never if they are just standing still
  • The offside rule can be applied
  1. After each completion, the goalkeeper sends the ball back to the outer player who has previously executed and air pass, passes the ball to A and plays to the opposite side
Coaching Points
  • Exchanges between players are done at a high rhythm and in the right moments to avoid opponents
  • Pay special attention to the moment when the external penetration occurs and when attackers cross
  • Let your players know they are the ones who need to find the right moment without creating mechanized situations
  • More players can be used in order to avoid downtime

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