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Explosive Strength - Multiple Jumps

Explosive Strength - Multiple Jumps

  • 24 low hurdles
  • 12 high mini hurdles
  • Playing Area: 25x5 meters
  • Players: 10-18
  • Running time:10 minutes 
  • Series number: 3
Summary Secondary Objectives
Exercise to train explosive strength with series of jumps
Aerobic power, Warm up

Have two lines of identical low and high mini hurdles as in figure Players are divided into two groups, arranged in two lines behind the first low obstacle.

  • Each player must overcome the 4 phases of mini hurdles as follows:
  • First step: low and fast high knee raises
  • Second phase: jumps with feet together with stretched knees so as to make the ankle work
  • Third stage: jumps with feet together with knees to the chest so as to make quadriceps and abdominal muscles work
  • Fourth stage: as above but after each jump, once landed, remain in squat position for a few seconds
  • At the end of the series the player returns to row running. The next player starts when the preceding has finished the second phase


  • Jumps should be carried out consecutively on the mini hurdles, without intermediate imposts
Coaching Points
  • Correct timing in the execution of jumps
  • Coordination in movements
  • In the second phase knees must remain stretched and the ankle has to work

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