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Dribbling challenge and 1 against 1

Dribbling challenge and 1 against 1

  • 8 poles
  • 2 markers
  • 4 cones
  • 2 goals
  • Sufficient balls for continuity
  • Playing area: 30x30 meters
  • Players: 12
  • Running: 12 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 5 minutes with a 2 minutes pause of active recovery (Touches in pairs)
Summary Secondary Objectives
This specific exercise for soccer helps improve dribbling, feints and tricks, adding a 1vs1 situation
Dribbling, Ball control, Front dribbling, Finishing

Make two courses with different exits next to the two goals. Divide players into two groups. The exercise is developed with two players that start at the same time to the coach's signal. One ball must be placed in the center of the pitch. Give a ball to all the players. Players can use both feet.

  • To the coach's signal the first two players start dribbling, they go in slalom trhough the yellow poles 
  • Once they cross the last stick they get to the stick and surround it facing the small goal made of cones that is right in front of the goal
  • Players overcome the small goal by dribbling it and place the ball in the goal with a pass
  • After the pass they run towards theball trying to get there before the teammate
  • The one tha arrives first becomes the forward while the other plays as defender
  • The forward tries to overcome the defender and score a goal in the goal that is being defended by their teammate


  1. Execute the exercise only with the right leg
  2. Execute the exercise only with the left leg
  3. Add two goalkeepers to the game
Coaching Points
  • The one that attacks:
    • In 1vs1 the ball must be received in an advantageous position, facing the goal
    • Players must keep attack in mind: Drive in speed, simulate pass or shot
    • Find the Achilles' heel of your opponent
    • Keep ball under control, trying to maintain it always under the knees
    • Do not allow the opponent to feel safe by performing feints but without slowing down too much they action 
  • The one that defends:
    • Ask players to place themselves between opponents, the ball and the center of the goal, to reduce to its minimum the marking distance as they get closer to the area that is more dangerous
    • Take your rival to the outermost parts of the field
    • Find the weaker foot of your rival in order to condition their movements
    • Slow down the action in order to favor the defensive recovery of your teammates
    • Choose the right moment to recover the ball
  • Ball driving:
    • Keep the ball close to the foot
    • Try to execute safe impacts with the ball
    • Stay on top of the ball by keeping the bust slightly tilted forwards
    • The player has to keep the head up decreasing eye contact with the ball and keeping it under control.

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