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Competition of aerial control and touches with aerial pass - Internazionale FC

Competition of aerial control and touches with aerial pass - Internazionale FC

  • 3 small goals
  • 12 cones
  • 6 markers
  • Sufficient balls for continuity
  • Playing area: 10x15 meters
  • Players: 12
  • Duration: 12 minutes
  • Series: 4 series of 2 minutes with 1 minute of active recovery between series
Summary Secondary Objectives
An exercise for the little ones that trains aerial control and the ability of touching the ball
Coordination skills, Ball control, Pass

Make 3 long courses of 10 meters leaving 3 meters between them as shown in the picture: At the begining place a goal and at the end 2 cones leaving 2 meters between them. Halfway through the courses maker a 1.5 meters square using the cones. Divide the team into 3 groups of 4 players. Players take place 2 on each of the sides of the goal with a ball while the rest of the players wait behind the markers on the opposite side


The objective of the game is to score as many aerial goals as possible after an aerial pass from the teammate

  1. The player starts touching the ball towards the center of the course
  2. Once in the square the player executes an aerial pass to the mate
  3. The teammate controls in the air, avoiding the ball to touch the ground, while the one who has executed the pass takes position behind the marker
  4. The player goes touching the ball to the end of the square, close to the goal
  5. Once the square has been reached the player executed an aerial shot and tries to score a goal

The player that await grabs the ball (either inside or outside the goal) and restarts the action


  • If the ball falls during the touches phase and the action ends up then a goal is only worth 1 point
  • If the action is completed maintaining the ball in the air all the time, a goal is worth 2 points
  1. Impose touches only during the first phase, once the ball has been received, the player from the opposite side dribbles the ball to the square and tries to score a goal
  2. Increase or reduce the distance of the courses
Coaching Points
  • If the exercise seems to complicated for players, remove touches and impose the execution with driving and passes along the ground
  • Pay attention to the execution of touches, ball must always remain as low as possible, avoiding a difficult control
  • Aerial passes must be executed accurately to avoid complicating the situation to teammates

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