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From ball possession to goal - Juventus FC

From ball possession to goal - Juventus FC

  • 8 vests
  • 24 poles or cones
  • Markers
  • Sufficient balls for continuity
  • Playing area: 45x36 meters
  • Players:16
  • Running time: 20 minutes
  • Series: 5 series of 3 minutes with a 1 minute pause of recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
This exercise includes 2 stages one of them for ball possession and the other for shooting to goal
Stamina, Aerobic power, Pass, First touch, Dribbling, Dribbling at speed, Losing your marker, Intercepting, Improvisation, 4 versus 4, Possession triangles, Pressing

Make a 45x36 meters playing area and divide it into 4 zones as shown in the picture. In areas C and D place 2 teams with 4 players each, put a ball in each square. In areas A and B make 6 nets per zone with poles or cones.


The game is divided in 2 stages:

  • In the first stage in the two central zones C and D the two teams keep possession trying to execute 10 consecutive passes
  • After the 10 passes have been executed, stage 2 begins in this part of the game a sudden change in the area occurs, players should try to score a goal dribbling and crossing the goals 


Players from zone D are executing the last 3 passes to reach the 10 passes objective and once they accomplish it they move onto stage 2 to zone B  where the player that receives the ball tries to score a goal crossing the net.


  • If the team without ball during stage 2 recovers the ball they can try to score a goal
  • Every 10 passes players own the right to move onto stage 2 and score a point
  • Each goal is worth a point
  • At the end of the 3 series the winning team will be the one that scores the most points
  1. Man marking in stage 2
  2. In stage 2 goal is accomplished by passing the ball to the mate through the nets
Coaching Points
  • During stage 2 speed resistance is trained, players are encouraged to maintain a high rhythm
  • Modfying the number of nets increases or decreases the intensity of the workout
  • During stage 1 if players are standing still that might only be acceptable if it is due to a tactical move or an exception
  • To accomplish a continuous mobility and keep players in the right positions, two close players who are on the same line either horizontal or vertical must move in order to create diagonal passing lanes

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