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Ball possession 4 vs 4 with 4 flank play

Ball possession 4 vs 4 with 4 flank play

  • Sufficient markers to outline the field
  • Sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • 4 small goals (or 8 poles)
  • 8 vests (4 red and 4 green in the picture)
  • Playing area: 25x25 meters
  • Players: 12
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 3 series of 6 minutes with 1 minute of passive recovery between series
Summary Secondary Objectives
Conditioned game in a reduced field, to train ball possession with flank play
Losing your marker, Pass, Support, Marking, Intercepting, Mobility, 4 versus 4

In the middle of each side of the square place a small goal. Divide the team into 3 groups of 4 players. Red and white teams start from inside the field. The four green players go alternately next to the respective goals (See picture).

  • On coach's signal one team starts possessing the ball against the opposite team. A 4vs4 situation is set.
  • The objective of the players from the team with ball possession is to perform 4 consecutive passes and then try to find the support of one of the 4 neutral players (Green players in the picture) to then shoot in one of the 4 goals (See picture)
  • After the series players swap positions with the 4 neutral players


  • At the end of the series the most goal scored team, wins
  1. Increase or reduce field sizes according to the player technical level
Coaching Points
  • Focus on passing within the square, asking players to perform it strongly in order to orient the control at first touch
  • Observe the foot supports of the player that is inside the square
  • Form possession triangles, useful to avoid opponents
  • Work on reaction to negative transition, once the player loses the ball, the closest player to the ball, presses the opponent while teammates get closer
  • Work on the distances between players
  • Work on orientation of the body during the reception, it should always be facing the widest part of the field
  • Work on the give and go: After passing the ball to a teammate, player keeps running to an empty space an receives the ball again
  • Minimum ideal unity: The player with the ball must always have a minimum number of teammates that can guarantee him a pass at any time (At least one pass forwards and another backwards)
  • The player that is closer to the one that possesses the ball must choose what to do, approaching or moving to depth
  • Encourage players to perform the counter movement for unmarking and the consequent reception of the ball
  • To accomplish a continuous mobility and keep the propper staggering, two close players who are on the same line either vertical or horizontal have to move, creating diagonal lines

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