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Ball possession 2 vs 3 with 4 external layoff players

Ball possession 2 vs 3 with 4 external layoff players

  • Sufficient markers to outline the field
  • 3 vests (red in the picture)
  • Sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Playing area: 20x20 meters
  • Players: 9
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 4 series of 4 minutes with 1 minute of passive recovery 
Summary Secondary Objectives
Small sided game of ball possession to train players on pass and lose the marker
Oriented control, Losing your marker, Pass, Intercepting

Form a 20x20 meters playing area. Inside the area place 2 white player against 3 red players. Place a white player along each sides of the square (as shown in the figure). Ball to the white team.

  • On coach's signal the white team starts possessing the ball against the red one. A 2 vs 3 is developed inside the area
  • While the white team possesses the ball they can use the help of 4 external players outside the square
  • After each series swap posititions


  • Unlimited ball touches during ball possession
Coaching Points
  • Create possessing triangles to avoid the opponent player enclosing him inside the triangle
  • Focus on reaction to negative transition, once lost the ball possession, the player who is closer to the ball presses the opponent while teammates get closer
  • Focus on global distances between players
  • Focus on the body positioning during ball reception, it must be always oriented toward the largest part of the field
  • Encourage the give and go: after passing the ball to a teammate the player keeps running to the free space and then receives again the ball
  • Minimum ideal unity: The player that has the ball must always have available at least 2 teammates that can guarantee him a pass at any time
  • The player that is closer to the ball carrier must choose if moving approaching or in depth, activating consequently the relative movement of teammates
  • Encourage players to perform the countermove to lose the marker before receiving
  • To accomplish a continuous mobility and keep the propper staggering, two close players who are on the same line either vertical or horizontal have to move, creating diagonal lines
  • Adapt the dimensions of the field according to players age and technical level

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