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Attacking development: decision - Barcelona F.C.

Attacking development: decision - Barcelona F.C.

  • 5 cones
  • 3 markers
  • 2 hurdles
  • 4 over
  • sufficient ball to ensure continuity
  • 1 goal
  • Playing area: 60x50 meters
  • Players: 5 + goalkeeper
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 10 minutes playing in the right side and 10 minutes playing in the left side
Summary Secondary Objectives
Attacking action proposal for the 4-3-3 scheme used in the youth class of Barcelona F.C.
Slip, Feint, Losing your marker, Pass, Support, Cross, Finishing, Creating width and depth, 4-3-3, Preventative coverages, Support, Threaded pass, defense splitting pass

Play inside a regulatory half field. Arrange near the first cone, a midfielder (4) with the ball, a right midfielder  (8), a central striker (9) and two wingers (10 and 11). On the right of the midfielder (4) place a line of  3 markers, place a hurdle behind the right winger, a hurdle behind the central striker (9) and  4 over in front of the left winger (11). The goalkeeper defends the goal. 

  1. The exercise starts with the midfielder (4) performing a slalom through the markers
  2. The right winger jumps the hurdle showing for the pass
  3. The midfielder (4) passes the ball to the right midfielder (10) while the central striker (9) jumps the hurdle and shows to receive
  4. The right winger(10) passes the ball to the central striker (9)
  5. The central striker (9) lays off to the right midfielder (8) in support after checking away to lose their marker; the right winger runs along the sideeline attacking the space; the left winger (11) steps overs huldles with high knees lifts
  6. The right midfielder (8) plays a penetrative pass for the right winger (10)who is  running; the central striker (9) peels around attacking the near post zone; the left winger (11) attacks diagonally the far post zone
  7. The right winger crosses into the box; the right midfielder moves forward to the edge of the box for a possible shot; the midfielder (4) moves forward in a holding position


Attacking pattern


  • After 2 shots rotate positions of players
  • Perform the second serie on the left side replacing the right midfielder with the left one

  1. The right midfielder (8) after receiving the ball passes to the left winger (11) moving into space. The central striker (9) attacks the near post zone; the right winger (10) attacks the far post zone; the right midfielder  (8) attacks the penalty spot zone. The right winger (in the figure)attempts to finish on goal


Variant 1

Coaching Points
  • All players have to lose the marker timing their movements correctly
  • The strikers must time runs into space in accordance to the penetrative pass
  • Focus on precision in passes to develop the action
  • Involve players without the ball ito take up holding positions
  • Require gradually more precision and speed in technical gestures and movements

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