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Attacking combination for the 4-3-3 system: wingback overlapping - Zdeněk Zeman

Attacking combination for the 4-3-3 system: wingback overlapping - Zdeněk Zeman

  • 4-3-3
  • Playing area: 60x70 meters
  • Players: 10 + goalkeeper
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 7 starting from the right defender and 7 starting from the left defender
Summary Secondary Objectives
Attacking proposal for the 4-3-3 system with a flank play by the winger and subsequent overlap by the wingback
Pass, Support, Cross, Finishing, Creating width and depth, Mobility, 4-3-3, Triangle, Overlapping run with two people, Cut, Insertion

Arrange the team with the 4-3-3 formation on a 70 meters sized field. Place 4 dummies or poles to simulate the opposition defence near the box. The central defender (5 in the figure) starts with the ball. The goalkeeper defends the goal.

  1. The playmaker 4 comes to receive the pass from defender 5
  2. The playmaker 4 passes the ball to defender 6; the left winger 11 runs forwards diagonally 
  3. The central defender 6 passes to the winger 11 who comes to the ball after moving away and checking back
  4. The winger 11 lays the ball back for the right midfielder 10 who is supporting
  5. The midfielder 10 completes the give and go with 11 moving inwards the field to lose his marker
  6. The winger 11 passes the ball to the playmaker 4 who steps forward to support
  7. The playmaker 4 passes the ball vertically to the midfielder 10
  8. The midfielder 10 controls and carries the ball to the box; the left wingback begins to overlap; The right winger 7 runs diagonally into the field
  9. The midfielder 10 passes to the wingback 3 overlapping; the winger 7 becomes centralized with a diagonal run; The striker 9 peels to the edge of the box in line with the back post
  10. The wingback 3 crosses into the box; the midfielder 10 attacks the far post zone; the winger 7 cuts the defensive lines to attack the near post zone; the central striker 9 moves into the box reading the possibility of a second ball for a shot


  1. Add 2 defenders instead of the silhouettes maintaining 2 silhouettes to simulate the wingbacks


Variant 1

Other combination of play by Zdeněk Zeman

Attacking phase of 4-3-3 system with flank play and overlap - Zdeněk Zeman

Simplified situation with pass to the central defender and attack to depth

Attacking phase of 4-3-3 with discharge and assistance - Zdeněk Zeman

Simplified situation with discharge of the center forward, support to the wing player and successive pass


Coaching Points
  • Focus on the body positioning and the oriented control by the right winger getting centralized to receive 
  • Verify the timing of runs by the opposite winger
  • Verify the timing of the overlapping

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