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Attacking action with shot at goal and final 2 vs 2

Attacking action with shot at goal and final 2 vs 2

  • 1 goal
  • sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • 4 markers
  • Playing area: 50x40 meters
  • Players: 4 + goalkeeper
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 8 minutes with 2 minutes of active recovery 
Summary Secondary Objectives
Situational exercise to train shot at goal and subsequent 2 vs 2 useful to improve rapid deciding and transitions
Losing your marker, Cross, Finishing, Shooting, Shooting from long distance ground level, Finish from close range, Volley shooting nearly, Positioning, Goal defense, Intercepting, Improvisation, Transitions

Play inside a regulatory half field (50x40 meters). Place 4 starting markers about 35 meters distant from the goal (as shown in the figure). Divide the whole team into 4 equal groups (A, B, C and D) and arrange them near the related starting markers. Each player starts with a ball. The goalkeeper defends the goal.

  1. On coach starting signal player A starts carrying the ball, about 5 meters distant from the goal performs a feint  setting the ball on the stronger foot and shoots trying to score



  1. Player B passes the ball to player A encountering
  2. Player A passes back to B moving to B1 while player D run to D1 into the box
  3. Player B after controlling the ball, crosses to teammate D
  4. Player D attempts on goal



  1. Player C starts carrying the ball and faces defenders B and D playing together with teammate A 
  • 2 vs 2 situation:
    • If players A and C overtake defenders B and D they try to shoot at goal
    • If defenders B and D intercept the ball, they try to score a "try" beyond the markers line playing with the goalkeeper



  • After the action players swap positions: player A replaces B, player B replaces C, playere C replaces D  and player D replaces A.
  • The second series starts always from group C

  1. Force player A or C to shoot using the weaker foot
Coaching Points
  • During 2 vs 2:
    • Focus on players movements during the defensive phase (starting positioning, tackle timing, reaction, etc.)
    • During the attacking phase players have to move into the free space to create passsing lines
    • Encourage players initiative
    • Players have to choose the right timing for each initiative according to the situation
    • Players have to implement the 2 vs 2 basics
    • Players have to use verbal comunication to improve collaboration
    • Focus on the line out to start the exercise
  • Focus on shot at goal:
    • Player have to focus on the supporting foot close to the ball
    • The shooting foot has to hit the ball at the centre using the instep part of the foot
    • Keep the eyes on the ball
    • Open arms to get stability
    • The player who doesn't shoot has to be ready for rejection

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