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Aerobic training: Direction and position changes in speed

Aerobic training: Direction and position changes in speed

  • 18 markers of different colors (6 red, 6 blue and 6 white)
  • 4 cones
  • Sufficient balls for continuity
  • Playing area: 50x45 meters
  • Players: 12 (divided in teams)
  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • Series: 4 repetitions (Each player repeats four times the course from the marker "1" to the cone "A")
Summary Secondary Objectives
Improve aerobic capacity and coordination in speed before and after passing the ball
Run, Coordination skills, Aerobic capacity, Pass, Short pass
The area is outline by the 4 cones placed on the vertex of the rectangle
There are 3 lines of markers (6 on each line) of different colors (red, white and blue) that create a "stair"
Leave 10 meters between each line. Each column (Enumerated from 1 to 6) is placed at the same distance, of the angles
Players are divided in two teams (White and red) along the line of blue and red markers (Respectively) and each player goes next to their respective marker
Players that are next to the red markers (With red vests) have a ball for each
The development of the exercise will be explained from the player that is on the marker from more to the right (Column 1). The circuit is repeated in the same way by each of the players that go through the circuit at the same time
  • White player sprints to the right of the white marker that is right in front of him, with the same movement they would do to press a player that possesses the ball
  • The corresponding red player on the same column passes the ball to the player in movement
  • The white player gives the ball back at first touch and turns around sprinting to go back to the starting point (The blue marker where they started the movement)
  • Now the player sprints to the left of the white marker that is in front of him
  • The red player passes the ball to the previously mentioned player and this will give back the ball at first touch
  • After the second pass the player must go back to the blue markers line, proceeding with the second marker in the line (Column 2), up to the one that is more to the left (Column 6)
  • Once the last pass has been executed in column 6, the player sprints towards the angle that is more to the right (Cone B) and proceeds in progression up to the 90% of their racing capacity along the perimeter of the rectangle, until they gets back to cone A to start the exercise all over again

Players can start from all the columns at the same time, to give continuity to the exercise  and reduce the recovery time. A series will finish once all players have gone back to their starting point.

After a series is done swap the positions of red and white players


  1. Increase the distance between cones up to 15 meters
  2. Reduce the recovery time to increase intensity
  3. Use first one foot and then the other when passing the ball
  4. Modify the technical skills required when giving back the ball (For example, oriented control changing the foot, pass with the outside, and so on)
Coaching Points
  • Work on speed and changes in direction when racing
  • Add the concepts of sprint and movement towards the proper direction to receive the ball
  • Focus on physical resistance, always asking for the maximum
  • Improve aerobic and resistance capacities increasing intensity
  • Pay attention to the passing technique
  • Fast movements of the feet with the proper body posture

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