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7 vs 7 + 2 neutral players - Cross field pass

7 vs 7 + 2 neutral players - Cross field pass

  • 4 goals
  • 9 vests (7 red and 2 green in the picture)
  • Sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Playing area: 75x50 meters
  • Players: 16
  • Duration: 34 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 15 minutes with 2 minutes of passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Small sided game 7 vs 7 + 2 neutral players, useful to train the cross field pass changing the game and transitions from one side to the other
Losing your marker, Pass, Finishing, Marking, Intercepting, Pass and move, Switching the attack, Zone defensive, Ball possession, Transitions

Play inside 3/4 of the field. Place 2 goals on both short sides (See picture). Outside of the two goal lines, between the goals there is an "assist man" with a good number of balls. Inside the playing area place 7 players with white t-shirts and 7 with red vests except 2 neutral players with green vests. Give a ball to one of the teams to start the exercise.

  • On coach signal the team that has the ball starts a ball possession against the opponent team. 7 vs 7 match
  1. The team that has the ball can take advantage of the collaboration of the 2 neutral players. As a consequence a situation of power play is set



  1. The objective of the team that has the ball is to shoot to one of the goals that are attacked
  2. After a goal, the "assist man" passes the ball again to the team that attacks on the area where the goal has been scored. The team that receives the ball has 10 seconds to perform an action (Change of game) that leads them to shoot at the other goal (See picture)



  • If the team doesn't shoot in 10 seconds, the action ends and the ball goes to the other team

  • At the end of the exercise the winning team will be the one that scores the most goals
  1. Players from the team that has just scored receive the ball again from the "passer" and go back to attack the goal that is behind them, parallel to the one they have just attacked.
Coaching Points
  • The exercise is useful to accelerate transitions from one side to the other and to improve ball possession maintainance
  • Create possession triangles to avoid opponents
  • Work on the reaction to the negative transition, once the player loses the ball, the closest player to the ball, presses the opponent while teammates get closer
  • Work on the distances between players
  • Work on body positioning during the reception, it should always be facing the widest part of the field
  • Minimum ideal unity: The player that has the ball must always have available a minimum number of players that can guarantee him a pass at any time

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