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4 "1 vs. 1" + 3 Neutral players

4 "1 vs. 1" + 3 Neutral players

  • Sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Sufficient markers to outline the field
  • 7 vests (4 red, 3 yellow)
  • Playing Area: 25x25 meters
  • Players: 11
  • Duration: 14 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 5 minutes interspersed with 2 minutes for passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Exercise to train fast passes, losing the marker and defensive contrast
Dribbling to prevent the opponent, Feints and tricks, Losing your marker, Intercepting, Tackling, 1 versus 1, Triangle

By using an adequate number of markers form a playing area of 25x25 meters. Inside, place four pairs of players and three neutral players (A, B and C). Each pair fights for one ball. 

  • On coach’s signal the four couples face up in a continuous 1 vs. 1 duel.
  • "neutral" players help teammates with the ball to clear the passing lines.


  • To gain one point the player with the ball must perform a passing triangle with one of the three "neutral players" (A, B, C)
  • "Neutral players" have a maximum of 2 ball touches (control and pass) to perform the triangle
  • Player who suffers the triangle takes the place of "neutral", in this way all the players in turn act as neutral player
  • If the player with the ball overcomes the opponent with a faint or a "tunnel", they scores two points, while the defender loses one
  • At the end of the two series the one who scores the highest number of points wins
  1. Increase or reduce the court, according to players age and their technical level
  2. Play with just 2 neutral players, reducing pass-options
Coaching Points
  • The coach should encourage the players with the ball to always look the free neutral player
  • The three all-around players must constantly try to lose the marker, clearing the passing lines for their teammates
  • Explain defensive techniques
  • This drill improves fast passes, losing the marker and defensive tackling

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