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2 vs 1 - The overlap

2 vs 1 - The overlap

  • 4 markers
  • 1 goal
  • sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Playing area: 60x25 meters
  • Players: 16 + 1 goalkeeper
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 4 series of 4 minutes with 1 minute of passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Simplified situation to train players to perform a proper overlap with final shooting
Oriented control, Losing your marker, Pass, Cross, Finishing

Form a 6x6 meters square just outside the penalty area using the markers. Divide the whole team into 3 groups of equal number (A, B, and C in the figure). Players of group B start with the ball. The goalkeeper defends the goal.

  1. Player B passes the ball to player A inside the small square
  2. Player A faces defender C inside the small square, while teammate B overlaps
  3. Player A passes the ball to B before being takled by defender C
  4. Player B performs a cross pass into the box for teammate A who moved inside the penalty area
  5. Player A attempts on goal

At the end of the action, players swap positions


Coaching Points
  • Encourage players to call for teammates overlap
  • The inserting timings and acceleration during the overlap must be adequate to the action developing timings
  • Stimulate players to finish the action concretely


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