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2 against 1 - Overlapping run

2 against 1 - Overlapping run

  • 1 cone
  • 1 marker
  • 1 goal
  • sufficient balls for continuity
  • Playing area: 25x20 meters
  • Players: 3+1 goalkeepers
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 8 minutes with a 2 minutes pause of recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Exercise for the youngest ones to teach them how to properly execute an overlapping run
Oriented control, Dribbling, Front dribbling, Pass, Finishing, Positioning, Goal defense, 2 versus 1

The playing area is about 25x20 meters. In the center of one of the sides place a goal. At about 20 meters from the goal place a cone. Next to the cone, at 10 meters place a marker. B goes next to the marker. C plays as a defender. The remaining players (A in the picture) go next to the starting cone with a ball. The goalkeeper goes to their position.

  1. A passes the ball to B
  2. B, after an oriented control, faces the goal dribbling and is faced at the same time by C. While A starts the overlappin run surrounding the B's marker and going to A1
  3. B can choose between passing the ball to A or dribbling C. In the picture B passes the ball to A in order to avoid C
  4. A ends the action by shooting at goal

At the end of the action the three players swap positions: A goes to B's position, B plays as a defender and C recovers the ball and goes to the end of the group A


Coaching Points
  • Encourage players to let others know when they are going to execute an overlapping run
  • The incorporation and acceleration moment of the overlapping run must be coherent with the development of the action
  • Encourage players to end the action concretely
  • The one that attacks:
    • The player that possesses the ball faces the defender
    • Use combinations with 2 players
  • The one that defends:
    • Ask players to place between the opponent, the ball and the center of the goal, reducing the marking distance as they get closer to the dangerous area (Positioning)
    • Not to go alone to recover the ball
    • Read the intentions of the player that possesses the ball

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