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1 against 1 - Goal in the goals

1 against 1 - Goal in the goals

  • 24 markers (12 red y 12 blue in the picture)
  • 4 vests (red in the picture)
  • Sufficient balls for continuity
  • 4 cones
  • Playing area: 20x20 meters
  • Players: 8
  • Running: 15 minutes
  • Series: 6 series of 1 minute with a 1 minute pause of recovery between series
Summary Secondary Objectives
The exercise includes situations of 1vs1 to develop the contrast skills. High intensity favors the development of aerobic skills
Ball control, Front dribbling, Positioning, Marking, Tackling

Make a 20x20 meters area outline by 4 cones on the vertex. On each side of the square place 3 small goals alternating one red and one blue as shown in the picture. The goals are about 2 meters. Divide players into 2 teams and allocate a color to each team (e.g. Red team-red goal and white team-blue goal). Organize players in pairs.

  • The player that possesses the ball plays as a forward while the other one defends. 1vs1 situations are created.
  • Making use of ball driving and beating the player that possesses the ball has to score, making the ball go through one of the corresponding small goals
  • Teams can only score in the goals that are the same color as their strip
  • Once the goal has been scored, the pair goes back to the center and swap positions
  • The defender intercepts the ball and immediately becomes the forward
  • Each goal is worth a point
  • If the ball goes out of the playing area, the game starts from the center
  • On each series change the pairs


  1. Increase the duration or decrease the dimensions of the pitch to obtain a higher intensity
Coaching Points
  • 1 against 1:
    • The one that attacks:
      • In 1vs1 the ball must be received in an advantageous position, facing the goal
      • Players must keep attack in mind: Drive in speed, simulate pass or shot
      • Find the Achilles' heel of your opponent
      • Keep ball under control, trying to maintain it always under the knees
      • Do not allow the opponent to feel safe by performing feints but without slowing down too much they action 
    • The one that defends:
      • Ask players to place themselves between opponents, the ball and the center of the goal, to reduce to its minimum the marking distance as they get closer to the area that is more dangerous
      • Take your rival to the outermost parts of the field
      • Find the weaker foot of your rival in order to condition their movements
      • Slow down the action in order to favor the defensive recovery of your teammates
      • Choose the right moment to recover the ball

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