Under 13

1 versus 1 - Exercise to train 1 vs 1 game situation, and oriented ball control
Striking the ball - Useful exercise to improve technical aspects such as pass and oriented control
Dribbling at speed - Exercise for youth teams useful to improve dribbling and ball control
Overlapping run with two people - Exercise for the youngest ones to teach them how to properly execute an overlapping run
Feints and tricks - Fun game to develop the skills of dribbling and pass for young players in soccer
3 versus 1 - Simplified game inside the box with 1 striker vs 2 defenders being helped by the goalkeeper, useful to train immediate shooting and game restart from the goal kick
Cognitive - Cognitive exercise combined with ball speed control
Pass - Ideal competition game for beginners, which focuses on improving the technical skill of pass
Ball control - Competition game for two teams to train both ball control and reaction
Pass - Exercise to train passing