Let’s review the video analysis of Messi’s goal versus Rayo Vellecano: quick attack and geometry
Comparison of the play behaviours of Juventus and Bayern: Juventus attacking the space and defending width, and german players attacking...
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Analyze the theme of anxiety by showing its expression through the body and how it can influence thought
In this article we’re going to discuss how a correct modulation of the voice can result to be an excellent tool for communication and...
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What nutrients do young soccer players need? How can they be delivered in a manageable way?
What do young players need? Which are the most appropriate foods for their diet? The nutritionist’s suggestions.
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How contusions develop in the following days and which are the best remedies to take care of them? Some advices of the physiotherapist.
These accidents are milder than sprains and strains but they are also more frequent: what to do in such cases?
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At school with... Carolina Morace

How to train the defensive line during the negative transaction in situations where they are outnumbered
How to create a modern defensive unit: individual features and collective tasks converge to perform a proactive, concrete play
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Combination of play

Game construction proposal for 4-3-3 system with Holding Midfielder free to play and Internal Midfielder's insertion
Game construction proposal for 4-4-2 system with one striker coming to the ball to facilitate the other one moving away into space
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Video Analysis

The ability to maintain high levels of physical and mental intensity is a key concept in soccer
The player from Lecce, aged 30, has deserved the role of main striker in Conte's national team, let's find out his characteristics with a...
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Free kicks

Corner kick play with three players to release a player on the far post
Play scheme: Lateral free kick with feint to cheat the opponent defenders
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