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Training the Sprint: The Four Corners

Training the Sprint: The Four Corners

  • 18 cones
  • Playing Area: 30x20 meters
  • Players: 18 (the whole team is divided into three groups)
  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Series: 3 series of 5 minutes for each player ( 2 minutes of passive recovery between the series)
Summary Secondary Objectives
Exercise to train shot and athletic explosiveness on short distances
Quickness, Change of direction

Prepare three courses made up of 5+1 cones as shown in figure. The 5 cones at the beginning of the course are placed on a 3x3 meters square with four cones on vertices (marked with "A", "B", "C" and "D") and one in the middle. About 15 meters distant from the highest vertex of the square place, in line, a cone representing the end of the course. Players, divided in equal numbers, stay at the beginning of each course on the starting "A" cone (yellow in the figure).

  • The first player of each line starts from cone "A"
  1. Running fast he moves towards the central cone and from that point he performs a change direction towards the cone "B"
  2. At this point, the player returns towards the middle and runs towards the "C" cone in front of him
  3. Once touched the "C" cone he turns back towards the middle, then moves toward the "D" cone with another change of direction
  4. From here, the player carries on running fast with a sprint to 80% towards the final cone thus finishing the course
  5. At the end he carries on walking towards the beginning of the course waiting for their turn
  • When the last player on the line reaches the end of the course, the first player starts again


  • The exercise is set as the match: the first team to finish gains a point
  • It is mandatory to touch, at each step, the cones on their vertices
  • The exercise must be repeated three times for each series. At the end of the series the winner is decreed
  1. Increase or reduce distance between the cones, to increase or reduce the physical effort necessary to perform the exercise.
  2. Change the course to pleasure, by changing the sequence of cones to be touched for example Instead of "A" - "B" - "C" - "D" use the sequence "A" - "C" - "B" - "D" and so on.
  3. Increase the number of sets and repetitions to enhance the anaerobic work
Coaching Points
  • Make sure to have completed an adequate warm up before exercise
  • The numerous sprint and short recovery times train the anaerobic capacity of athletes
  • Pay attention to the change of direction In subjects with impaired muscle fatigue could result injuries

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