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Functional training: ball possession, speed and shooting

Functional training: ball possession, speed and shooting

  • 10 poles
  • 4 markers
  • 2 speed ladder
  • 8 vests (4 red 4 yellow)
  • 2 goals
  • sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Playing area: 50x50 meters
  • Players: 12 + 2 goalkeeper
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 8 minutes with 2 minutes of recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Developing simplified situations 4 vs 2, improve speed and technique in shooting
Quickness, Intercepting, Tackling, Mobility, 4 versus 2, Ball possession

Place 2 speed ladder about 8 meters away from the box facing the goal posts. place 5 poles diagonally at the sides of the box 1 meter apart. Place an adequate number of balls (5/6) about 2 meters away from the last pole. 5 meters away from the speed ladder create a 20x15 meters grid using the markers. Divide players into 3 teams of 4 players using the vests. Arrange 2 yellow players, 2 red players and 2 white players inside the grid, while the remaining couples take position at the 5 poles circuits (as shown in the figure). Place 2 goals (regulatory if possible) side by side (5 meters aprt) opposite side of the grid. 2 goalkeepers defending the goals

  • The exercise starts with a 4 vs 2 ball possession inside the square 
  • If the defending couple regains the ball, replaces the couple that lost the ball and keeps maintaining the ball possession with the other couple (ex: yellow players regain the ball from the white players; yellow players and red players play against whites)


Ball possession 4 vs 2


  • On a certain signal by the coach the pair inside the square the same colour to the first pair on top ( 2 pair of red players in the figure) starts to the speed ladder, while the pair on top start to perform a slalom between the poles. After the poles circuit they pass the ball to the teammates exiting the speed ladder. 
  • The 2 players who received the ball shoot on goal in front of them
  • The players after shooting take position at the pole circuits, while the other couple moves to the square to play 4 vs 2


On coach signal the red pair move to shoot on goal

  • Unlimited ball touches allowed during the 4 vs 2 ball possession
  • If a pair during possession makes the ball go out of the square, they become defenders
  • Perform the speed ladder with 1 foot for each space
  1. One player shoots at goal using the right foot, while the teammate uses the left one
  2. Perform the speed ladder with 2 feet for each space
  3. Perform the speed ladder with the sequence inside every space and outside on the subsequent space
Coaching Points
  • Players have to perform the pole circuits and the speed ladder at maximum speed

Ball possession:

  • Stimulate the give and go to avoid the opponent player to maintain possession
  • Focus on the distances between players
  • Focus on the body positioning during ball reception, always opened toward the largest portion of field
  • Encourage the give and go: player after passing keeps running into the free space to receive again
  • Encourage players to check away and come before receiving the ball


  • After looking at the goalkeeper, the player must be focused on the ball until the impact
  • The player has to curate the supporting foot positioning, at the side and close to the ball
  • The shooting foot must kick the ball at the centre using the instep part
  • The player has to maintain the eyes on the ball
  • The player has to keep the arms opened to get stability

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