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Exercise For Children: Take It Out!

Exercise For Children: Take It Out!

  • 8 makers
  • 4 cones
  • 6 balls
  • 5 vests
  • Playing Area: 20x20 metres
  • Players: 11
  • Running time: 12 minutes
  • Series number: 4 series of 2 minutes (1 recovery passive minute between the series)
Summary Secondary Objectives
Train the ball control for young players

Prepare two concentric squares, on an area of 20x20 metres bounded by 4 markers. In the center mark out a square with sides 4 meters then using the cones form a square around ht emiddles square with sides 8 meters long. Divide the players into two teams: 6 " striker" and 5 "defenders" (red vests). Place the six balls in the central square. Players start out in the game area without the ball.

  • This exercise is useful to improve the ball control especially in grassroots and newcomer categories. The purpose of the team that "defends" is to dribble out the balls from the inner square, while the team that "strikes" will bring them inside through precise passes.
  • The "defenders" stay between the perimeters of two middle squares, defending the area and trying to intercept the passes of the "strikers". The "defenders" should control the ball and dribble them to the outer perimeter of the playing area where they leave them for an attacker to collect.
  • The game begins at coach's signal; Defenders will dribble balls out and then Attackers can start to pass balls into the middle square. The situation continues up to the end of the two minutes.


  • The striker’s pass must be performed outside of the middle (8m) square
  • The ball must be dribbled by the "defenders" to outside the playing area
  • The "defenders" may not stay within the smallest square
  • When the "defenders" keep the ball, the strikers cannot hinder them
  • If the strikers get all 6 balls into the small square they win 2 points.
  • If after the 2 minutes there are no balls in the small square the defenders win 2 points
  • After the 2 minutes if there are more balls in the small square than outside then the attackers earn a point otherwise if more balls are outside then defenders earn a point.
  1. Increase or decrease the size of the field
  2. Make all passes with weaker foot only
  3. Attackers may pass the balls to each other to find a better passing opportunity
Coaching Points
  • Keep a good pace throughout the exercise.
  • Players need to have fun and get involved by the challenge with teammates
  • Accuracy and weight of passes without "defenders" intercept them
  • Fast dribbling and running back into position at maximum speed
  • Grant the right recovery time to players

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