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2 vs 1 losing the marker and shooting at goal

2 vs 1 losing the marker and shooting at goal

  • 1 goal
  • Sufficient balls for continuity
  • Sufficient markers to otline the field
  • Some vests
  • Playing area: 25x35 meters
  • Players: 11
  • Duration: 20 minutos
  • Series: 2 series of 8 minutes with 2 minutes of active recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
Situational exercise of 2 vs 1 with shoot at goal
Losing your marker, Short pass, Finishing, Marking

Form two 10x10 meters square using the markers on the limit of the penalty area. Place a defender and a striker inside of each square. Place the other two strikers in two lines with a ball 10 meters distant from the square, as shown in the figure.

  • The objective of the exercise is to overcome defenders and score
  • The two strikers collaborate in the 2vs1 situation facing the defender
  • The offside rule is accepted
  • The game must pass through one of the strikers inside the squares, they have to try to lose their marker with movements to anticipate in order to receive the ball
  • Players from the two lines start with the ball and play with the teammate they prefer, the one that loses first the marker or in a better way


This is an example of a 2vs1 situation inside the playing area, players are free to perform it the way they wish. Following the pictures:

  1. B with a counter movement gets unmarked from C
  2. A passes the ball to B
  3. A gets ready for the 2vs1 inside the square



  1. B passes the ball to A
  2. A gives back the ball to B
  3. B carries the ball outside the square
  4. B shoots at goal


Coaching Points


  • Ask your players not to be all standing on the same line and to guarantee equilibrium till the end of the combinations
  • The one that has the ball must face the defender
  • The one that does not have the ball must read the movements of others in order to choose their own movements
  • Pay attention to offsides
  • Use game combinations for 2 players


  • Ask players to place themselves between the opponent, the ball and the middle of the goal, getting closer to the rival as the area becomes more dangerous
  • Do not fall into the trap
  • Raise to its maximum the offside line
  • Collaborate as much as possible with forwards to reduce the situation to a 1vs1
  • Try to read the intentions of the other player

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