Preparatory drill 3 versus 2 - For the seeking depth through the cut run of a wide player
Preparatory drill for the seek of depth through striker's cuts
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Sharing the meaning of words provides lots of multi-level benefits: let’s see the benefits, and which are the more common mistakes to avoid!
Let's see what are the indicators to realize if our players are anxious and let's find out how best to react to these situations
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What is groin pain and why is it often difficult to identify and treat? Some useful hints from our physiotherapist
What is the pubic inguinal pain syndrome and how can it be cured? The physiotherapist’s advice
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At school with... Carolina Morace

Combination of play

Offensive combination for the 4-3-3 formation with central attacker and the attack in depth from the two wingers
Game construction proposal for 4-2-3-1 system; short pass between the playmaker and the side player and penetrative pass for the striker
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