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Resistance workout: The spiral!

Resistance workout: The spiral!

  • 12 poles
  • 9 markers
  • Playing area: 50x50 meters
  • Players: The whole team
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Series: 4 repetitions with a 3 minutes pause of recovery between series
Summary Secondary Objectives
An exercise for physical preparation based on aerobic resistance
Run, Aerobic capacity

Place the stick making 3 concentric squares. The side length of the squares will be 40 meters, 20 meters and 10 meters respectively for the outermost square, the one in the middle and the inner square. Place 3 markers on the vertex of each square, these are the starting points (See picture). We will identify the starting point on each square as Q1, Q2 and Q3.

  • The player starts from Q1 performing a high knee raises on the markers to then continue in the opposite direction
  • Once at Q1 the player goes diagonally towards Q2 keeping a constant racing pace
  • At Q2 the player performs a low high knee raises and continues along the perimeter of the second square
  • Once at Q2, the player goes diagonally to Q3
  • From Q3 the player must do a racing exercise with heels up on the markers, running along the perimeter of the square until they gets back to Q3
  • On each stick the frequence of stepping must increase, reducing speed, working on the change of pace to then go through the straight sections progressively
  • The exercise starts all over again from Q1


Example of the development of the exercise: On the markers (Q1, Q2 and Q3) the coordination exercises are performed.

  1. Do two repetitions clockwise and another two counterclockwise
  2. Increase or reduce the distance between the poles to increase or decrease the workload
  3. Do the exercise with ball, adding dribbling and decreasing execution speed
Coaching Points
  • Keep a good pace, constant during the whole course
  • Sudden changes in direction to train speed
  • Pay attention to coordination of racingduring the effort
  • Make sure to provide players with the proper recovery time to avoid excessive tiredness

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