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Passing circuit with losing marker movements

Passing circuit with losing marker movements

  • 5 markers
  • Sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Playing area: 15x15 meters
  • Playersi: 3
  • Duration: 12 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of  5 minutes with 1 minute of active recovery (ex. kick ups)
Summary Secondary Objectives
Exercise with passing combination to train the young players in passing technique and movements to lose the marker
Opening up oriented control, Support, Triangle, Losing your marker

Create a 2 meters small goal inside the playing area using the markers. Arrange the group of players inside the small goals and player A starts with the ball. Place a marker 5 meters away from the small goal and place player B near the marker. Place 2 markers for players C and D, 10 meters spaced and 5 maters away from the first marker.

  1. Player B starts behind the cones and moves wide creating a passing line
  2. Playere A passes the ball to teammate B
  3. Player B performs an oriented control while C moves from his marker running backwards
  4. Player B passes the ball to player C moving to lose his marker
  5. Player C performs a flank play on first intention for teammate B encountering
  6. Player B completes the give and go passing back to C on first intention
  7. Player C passes on first intention to teammate E across the small goal

Player E repeats the passing sequence together with A and D. Repeat the exercise during the whole two series.

  • Rotation of players during the passing sequence:
    • A replaces B after passing to him
    • B replaces C after the give and go
    • C moves to the group after passing across the small goal


Coaching Points
  • Keep on moving to be ready to receive the pass
  • Precision in passing 
  • Encourage players to maintain a high concentration during the exercise to improve technique
  • Rotation between players must be dynamic

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